How FVC Should Proceed if Option A Wins

We invite you to suggest ideas for how Fair Vote Canada should proceed in the event that Option A wins in the current referendum. In brief, a win for Option A says that “Fair Vote Canada’s mandate is to promote Proportional Representation and that Fair Vote Canada only support systems that are proportional, at all levels of government.” Direct advocacy for Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) would clearly be precluded. However, it is not clear what position FVC could or will take with regard to the ongoing debate about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in Toronto.

The purpose of this forum is to identify not only the obvious main positions (FVC could actively oppose the IRV campaign (RaBIT), FVC could ignore the IRV campaign, FVC could remain officially neutral about RaBIT, etc), but also a range of related issues (eg, what public information FVC could release, what strategy for promoting PR at the municipal level in Toronto FVC could pursue, what policies FVC could adopt for considering democratic reforms that don’t directly address proportionality (eg, the confidence convention), etc).

The intent here is not to end up with a single stance for FVC, but to bring forward and rank a number of ideas that may generate clarity, positive energy and wide engagement moving forward.

Please note that we have seeded this forum with some initial ideas, but please add more! You have 3 votes – you an either add up to 3 new issues or use your votes to support previously-posted issues. You can cast more than one vote per issue if you wish to express a greater sense of priority for a particular idea (this is a form of cumulative voting, for the technically-inclined).

How FVC Should Proceed if Option A Wins


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